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      2. Where to Eat in Shanghai - Dining Shanghai


        Tongs at The Longemont Hotel Shanghai dishes out freshly-made gourmet delights that are simply not to be missed. Located on the Lobby level, Tongs allows guests to start their day on the right note with freshly-ground coffee and delicious croissants especially created for people on-the-go. Offering gourmet sandwiches prepared daily, Tongs is a Mecca for any true connoisseur of deli food.

        If you are looking for a quick afternoon pick-me-up, you can you can choose between a vast selection of specialty coffees and the freshest fruit juices. And for sheer indulgence, Tongs’ handmade chocolates are simply exquisite - the perfect gift for a friend or yourself.

        Opening hours

        07:00am – 08:00pm

        Level 1
        For more information, please call
        (86 21) 6115 9988 ext. 8211

        Book Online

        CNY 1300* Best Rate Guaranteed