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      2. The Longemont Shanghai – Five Star Hotel in Shanghai - Hotel Deals

        Special Offers

        Entrance of The Longemont Hotel Shanghai, China

        Free Airport Limousine

        You can enjoy this Shanghai hotel deal for a limited time and indulge…

        Accommodation at The Longemont Hotel Shanghai, China

        Early Bird

        Choose The Longemont Shanghai for your next trip and enjoy 15% discount…

        Main Dish

        Amici′s In-house Guest Delight

        Amici Italian Restaurant is welcoming the coming season with a fresh new…

        CNY346* per person

        Fresh bread at The Longemont Hotel Shanghai, China

        Homemade Pastries

        Tongs Deli offers plenty of bread and cake options for your choice! Tongs'…

        Book Online

        CNY 1300* Best Rate Guaranteed